Winding Down the Week

I have much to say in not much time, so forgive the 'drive-by blogging'!! I am on my way out the door -- I am substitute teaching in PE today. Wow, yesterday weather was weird. Warm, humid as I left the house to walk to school, then drizzly and got cooler and cooler, then finally about 4 minutes of blessed SUNSHINE at about 3 p.m., then more clouds later. As typical, weird weather = cuckoo kids for an elementary school. Long day of subbing hopefully today will be better.

Troy has been traveling this week and will be traveling next week. His job description seems to be fairly fluid right now, and the description-for-the-moment seems to include much more travel than in the recent past. It's disappointing, as that was one of the perks of this job we enjoyed over the previous job. But, in this economy, we truly are thankful for a job, and know that God has plans for everyone here.

Along those lines, one of the greatest things someone told me recently: "Nothing is ever wasted in God's economy." Feel like you are spinning your wheels in a job that is for naught? God is preparing you for SOMETHING as long as you are surrendering all of it to Him. And... God continues to show that to me, as well.

Besides that coolio quote, I am enjoying studying Beth Moore's Esther. I hate to say it, but there is simply no way it can live up to the hype, which is one of the reasons I hesitated to start on it. When I hear for months that this is THE!! BEST!! ONE!! EV-ER!!!!!!! of pretty much anything (TV show, movie, Bible study, laundry detergent, whatever) I go the other direction. It simply cannot withstand such billing, whatever it is. So far, I won't say that, but yes, it is good. And yes, I had heard that Lesson 2 was really good (the video). Heard it last night -- Beth makes some tough calls about the way women dress, etc. and goes off on 'mean girls'. Oh, yeah. Loved it. My favorite: "Mean girls don't dress provocatively in front of your man."

Another point that really stuck with me: "Anger is power to those who think they don't have any other source of (power)." She talked about getting angry when we are perceived to be threatened. I thought of a recent "Mama Bear" rage I broke into that I didn't even know I had in me! Wow. Indeed.

I've got much more blah-dee-blah I could share with you, but I must run! Wish I could really run, but that hasn't been in the cards (or my feet) lately. Getting old stinks... :-) Busy weekend of school and soccer activities for the kids, ACU Homecoming activities here, and church fun and work.

Don't forget-- party this weekend right here! If you have a busy weekend, too, don't worry. The party will go on for quite a while. All week, probably. Much ado about nothing.

What does everyone have planned for the weekend?

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Lisa Laree said...

Weekend plans? The girls ministry sleepover tonight...which, of course, means NO sleep! Catching up on sleep tomorrow, church Sunday, and some overdue-sewing-with-a-deadline whenever I can squeeze it in..or am awake enough! :)

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