Think Pink!

I ordinarily don't share QUITE so much info on my blog, but in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month (NOT Breast Awareness Month, as some would lead you to believe...) I wanted to let you in on a milestone for me.

Remember that I had a little birthday a few weeks ago that went basically unnoticed by the population at large, except of course when I went for my annual check up with my doctor in August. They always notice birthdays. And, since this was 40 for me, it was time for a mammogram.

Yesterday was the day!! I admit that I was a little bummed -- I was hoping they gave out free stuff during October the way that the blood center gives out ice cream during the summer. And, why else to schedule important routine exams besides to get free stuff??? Alas, no free stuff.

First, let me say, no it didn't hurt. Having my eyebrows waxed is FAR more uncomfortable. Especially that last time when I left with the burn blister.

Also? Yeah, definitely leave your dignity at the door. I did have the absolute sweetest technician who had me sit in a chair, explained EVERYTHING clearly before starting, then 'say cheese for the camera' (or not) and... 20 minutes total, I'm DONE.

One thing my sweet technician did tell me is that many 'first-timers' get called for a return trip since there is nothing to compare the picture to. So they will take another, compare the two, and be done. She encouraged me -- nay, implored me -- not to panic if this were to happen. I surmised she had seen a panicked woman or two come through her door.

Otherwise, in about a week I will get a letter stating that all is healthy. I don't know if I get to keep the prints or not. :-)

So, please make it your priority to see about yourself if you are 'of age'! If finances are an issue, please contact your local American Cancer Society OR your local YWCA, both of which find ways to provide mammograms for women in need.

When I walked into my appointment, it was about 80* and HUMID. When I walked out, it was about 68* and starting to rain! Woot! So, we had a most yummy soup and sandwich dinner.

Baked Potato Soup

Judy's Special Sandwiches

It was a HUGE hit, with plenty of leftovers. What do you make when the weather turns cold?


Tammy M. said...

Yesterday made a big batch of beans and some amazing cornbread, apples and then some Sam's pumpkin pie for dessert.

So yummy.

Mom said...

Love it that you're taking care of yourself! And I hope you inspire others to do so.

As to what do I do for cold weather, either chili or pork chops, turnip greens and cornbread, and baked sweet potatos. Why I think the pork chop meal is for cold weather, I don't know; I just do.

Roxanne said...

My first visit did not hurt either, but my little tech was about 19, had NO sense of humor, and had hands cold as ice. Glad all is well with you. :)

Mignon--we always had pork chops on Wednesday night for some reason. . .normally with mac and cheese.

Anonymous said...

I have had some very painful ones. I had my 1st mammogram at 35 because I have a family history (my mom had bc at 40, her mom died of it at 33 so I should have had my 1st at 30). I had "dense" breasts (which have become less so as I have aged - oh the joys of menopause!) so it hurt more. Things I have learned: schedule your mammogram in the 1st part of your cycle when your breasts are less tender. Schedule your mammogram early in the day when the technician is not tired. Tell the technician that it is painful for you, and she will take extra care. Breathe through the whole procedure. And on that note, I need to book myself in for one!

I can cope with momentary pain if it spares me the agonies of breast cancer!

Lisa Laree said...

No, the first one is not bad, when they use a compression factor of 4 (whatever that means). It's the call back, and they use a compression factor of 10, that gets a little beyond uncomfortable. Fortunately, it's brief.

Congrats on the first mammogram! :D

Lori said...

Yeah, I hit 40 this year, too!!! I make soups, stews, and lots of other crock-pot meals. Many of the recipes (and one almost identical to the sandwiches you listed) can be found at my recipe blog "Life's a Bowl of Cherries"...if you're interested (

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