First Third Grade, Then Law School

On the way to school this morning I told the kids it would probably be raining when school got out so they should get a ride home with the neighbor. (It's about 1/3 mile from home).

The blonde factor asked, "We can't walk in the rain?"

"No, you can't walk in the rain."

Knowing this would be tempting for bragging rights and, well, just to have an opportunity to be wet and smell like a wet dog, I talked to Riley.


(very thoughtful) "Yes?"

"Did you hear that? Do NOT walk home in the rain!"

(still thoughtful) "Yes."


"I'm struggling to find a loophole."


Tammy M. said...

If there was a loophole, he would find it, maybe skipping home in the rain would work, or running, or hopping....

Kendra said...

Well I had another comment in mind but Tammy's reminded of another. When I would tell 3 year old Connor that we don't say a certain word he would ask if he could sing it, or whisper it, yell it, etc. Hard to believe he's the same kid now. He is such a rules follower. Actually maybe that was what he was doing -- checking to see if he was following the rules EXACTLY.

My orginal comment had to do with Michal being willing to risk being cold and wet this morning because the puffiness factor of her coat was too great. GIRLS!

Roxanne said...

Oh. My. Goodness. . .I am just speechless. . .

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