Friday -- Clean Up and Fun Day

Don't forget to look into the November challenge. You know you want to do it. What's stopping you? We'll all have so much more fun doing it together!

Drumroll please...... WINNERS!!!

Here is the official Cleft of the Rock choosing bowl, full of Monday's entries:
At which point, one of my offspring with writing all over her hand even after a shower dug into the bowl and drew this name:

Please trust me that the bowl full of Tuesday's entries looked virtually the same as the bowl full of Monday's entries. A different offspring's hand dove into the bowl and pulled out this name (no writing on the hand, but still dirty fingernails after a shower):
So, congrats to Stephanie and Christy Cate. Thanks to one and all for playing along. More prizes/ give-aways coming up! Start with the November challenge -- Target gift cards...! Woot!

Don't you want to be the voice of this booth?

I get a date tonight! Then volleyball tournament and soccer tomorrow (and the end of both seasons are in sight! Awesome!) and worship with my church family on Sunday.

Who has an awesome weekend ahead? What's going on where you are?


Freda Mac said...

hysterical video. Brett and I were HOWLING with laughter. Thanks for a funny way to start our day. :)

Roxanne said...

Awesome weekend ahead. . .

Stephanie said...

What? Is that me?! Really!!?
This weekend has been fabulous so far. Colorful leaves, sunshine, and hanging out with my boys <3

ChristyCate said...

Woo Hoo!!! I think you just topped off my fantabulous weekend. (This is my first blog win, EVER... and I always enter!)

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