November Challenge

Friends of the Bloggy Kind:

I initially was going to offer this challenge to only my friend Roxanne, but then figured I would let us all in on the fun!

Here's the deal:

I am finding that age is catching up to my rear, as well as my whole "to write I have to spend time sitting my buttocks in the chair" philosophy. So I have invested in the most expensive pedometer I am willing to buy that gets rave reviews, and I have set about aiming for that elusive 10,000 steps per day to help ward off the 'expansion of time', if you will.

It was working, as long as I was getting in my 10,000 steps, then I got lazy and am not getting it. So, how about a challenge? The best part about this challenge is that it is 100% within your control -- it isn't pounds lost or calories consumed or whatever. It is simply steps taken per day. Short of a catastrophic injury over a pecan, you should be able to manage it.

Who would like to join me in logging steps for the month of November? How 'bout a Target gift card for the person who logs the most steps for the month of November? (Yeah, NOW you're paying attention, right?)

How to enter:
A) Secure a pedometer. Seriously, you want a decent one. Here is the one I have that isn't OUTRAGEOUS, and you may be able to have it at your doorstep by next week!
B) Email me at sarah [at] Please notice this isn't my usual email address where it could potentially get lost with Kohl's sales and forwards. Also, do not assume you are actually signed up until I have replied with "You are on the list!"
C) Put a link to this post on your blog, facebook, Twitter, etc. so that we can get the whole country walking off their Thanksgiving meal before they ever eat it!

How to play:
A) Starting November 2, wear your pedometer 6 days/ week. Sundays are always my day of rest, you may pick a different day. Your pedometer should come with instructions on where and how to best wear it.
B) Email me your daily total. You can do this how you choose: at the end of every day, morning of next, or keep the total for the week yourself and send in that total, or just wait until the end of the month and send me THAT. Whatever works for you. I assume it would be easier to simply email me the number on the pedometer when you take it off at the end of the day, then punch 'reset' for the next day.
C) The November Challenge will run Nov. 2-30 for 25 days (figuring a day of rest per week). You have through December 1 to send me your totals, and I will figure and announce the WINNER on December 2. TRUMPET FANFARE!! Target gift card, just in time for Christmas shopping!! Woot!! Also -- lotsa walking steps just in time for Thanksgiving!

I will calculate the winner based on total number of steps for the month, so you could potentially only walk 2,000 steps one day and then walk 450,000 steps the next and collapse in a heap in time to claim your card!

Since I do have a philosophy of "Anything is better than nothing" when it comes to exercise, there will also be a category of "Most Improved" or "Most Consistent" or some such of my choosing that I haven't settled on yet. Mainly, I don't want anyone to launch down this path and get discouraged at how far they have to go and give up.

Remember, the goal is 10,000 steps per day.

So... with or without a Target gift card, who would like to try to take a lot of steps throughout November? November Challenge -- are you in?


Jana said...

I'm in. I will have to get a pedometer, so I'll check out your link.

Rear expansion--know all about it as I sit and grade and read and grade and grade some more.

Way to go, sister. I think you just might be the motivation I needed.

Love to you!

Stephanie said...

My cellphone has a great steps tracker, and it keeps a record for 3 weeks or so. I just have to remember to always have my phone with me!
I'll post my results on my blog.

mindy said...

Sarah!! I'm so excited!! Thanks for such a fun idea! I've been trying to get back in my long-lost exercise routine:/ I think this is just the motivation I need!! Short term goals are my friend;) I'm emailing you now to sign Keith and I up! I'll spread the word!

Beth said...

Sarah, may I take you up on your challenge? I've been thinking about it for a few days, and today I'm trying out a freebie pedometer to see it's anywhere near accurate. Thanks for the encouragement.

Sarah said...

Come one, come all! Sure, Beth! I think ANY pedometer is better than none -- I used to have that one that McDonald's gave out with their salads for a while... I'm really hungry and a McDonald's salad sounds so good... wonder if I have grilled chicken... I digress...

Beth... email me... sarah [at] thecoffeegroup [dot] net. Just so I'll know where to hunt you down to encourage you or send your prize, what -not! :-) YOU CAN DO IT!

Elle said...

I'm up for the challenge. :)


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