Revolve and Announcement

This weekend I had the opportunity to take Ashley to Revolve. If you are familiar with Women of Faith, Revolve is put on by Women of Faith, but is geared to teen girls. Held in large arenas, bands are brought in that play fun music for that age group, but also several young women just spoke to the girls about being real (theme was "4 Real") and a few well done dramas solidified the message, as well.

Two favorites for the weekend were, of course, boys. Chad Eastham is a young man that speaks on the differences in boys and girls in a way that the girls (and, honestly, ME) can completely relate. I really wish Chad had sat me down about a week before I got married. Truly would have saved about 7 years of figuring life out. Another favorite was 14 year old Austin Gutwein, who started Hoops of Hope. Amazing young man, the girls thought he was cute, so they listened to what he had to say.

To me, and I think to Ashley as well, the value in such events is less what comes from the stage, though some valuable things were said, it's more about the relationships along the way. Ashley has talked more about the trip over and back, and some fun times overnight than the event. That's how females are wired -- relationship. Oh, 'lest you think we have that awesome mother/ daughter bond and she is that enthralled with spending time with ME, oh no. We were able to go to Revolve because someone I know bought a group set of tickets to get a discounted price, and we traveled with friends -- some we knew, some we met that day. Fun times, making memories.

However, I will say that being around that many teens and moms generally gives Ashley and me an appreciation for each other and our relationship -- and this weekend was no different. I have a beautiful woman of God in her and I am so thankful for the ways she seeks the Lord and marches to her own drum, while never marching over the heart of another.

Please come back here this weekend -- my numbers tell me that many of you miss blog reading on the weekend, as if you have fun to be had or families to attend to or something. Let me just give you a heads up that Saturday there is a party happenin' right here at The Cleft of the Rock and you aren't going to want to miss it! There will be give aways, slide shows (okay, not so much, but memories), and all manner of bloggy fun. The deal is, I realized there is a rather momentous occasion with the blog arriving this weekend, and I couldn't let it pass by unnoticed. Anyone care to venture a guess as to what it is?

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An anniversary?

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