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I haven't known John long, and barely know him in person, but he has become one of my favorite people on the planet. A little over a year ago, he and his wife Maggie were plunged into horrific grief when their son, John Robert, died in a traffic accident at age 18 a few days before his high school graduation. John wrote this amazing article about grief and how to walk through it with someone. Thank you, John, for those great words.

Lysa is going into detail about her spiritual journey of late. It started as a journey of food, and God turned it into a lesson of sorts as he tends to do. I truly loved this post and the message behind the scripture, but there are many to dig through there.

If you are looking for fitness motivation, Ruthie has a wedding dress challenge going on over at her fitness blog. Love it! Of course, I refrained from pulling out my wedding dress when I was at my mom's last weekend. I always said I would get back into it for my 25th. Maybe I should start a few (8) years early!

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Roxanne said...

Did I tell you that I donated my wedding dress? I did. It was just sitting in my closet, and despite the fact that it was lovely and what I wore the day I got married, I (for ONCE) had no emotional attachment to it. Victoria swore she wanted to wear it for her wedding someday, but it would fit two or three of her. I attached a note saying that it was present at the outset of a very happy marriage that had given birth to two children and was still going strong so no one would think they were getting an unhappy cast-off.

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