Back In the Saddle

Well, almost three weeks ago, we left second grade flying high leaving for the Christmas break.

Today, we resumed second grade with not-so-high spirits.

Today included:
  • six weeping outbursts (and none of them were even me! -- but one was at my house before we ever left for school).
  • one pair of lost shoes (again, at my house -- the reason for the weeping)
  • one playground fight
  • one temper tantrum (okay, this WAS me).
  • five moved clips (discipline action).

So, I survived today. And tomorrow Mrs. Durrington will have to ditch the mouse-ears she's been wearing and resume her post as the other, hopefully more pleasant, teacher in room 24.

One of my weepers was a bleary-eyed, little brown-eyed cutie who is evidently BABIED at home. She didn't want to be there (me, either, I told her!) and the counselor brought her down sniffling and snuffling and dripping. It was RIGHT as the bell rang so I had her come sit on my lap until the announcements were over and then it was going to be time to get to work. She sat and I sat (and yelled at everyone to get to work!) It wasn't a terribly horrible way to start the day. We stood for the pledge, pledged and went to work. Sometimes you just need a little more cuddle before you can buckle down. I'm all for it.


dad said...

"Sometimes you just need a little more cuddle before you can buckle down". This is a profound thought that should have been included in "Everything I need to know I learned in kindergarten". It certainly works for me!

jessica said...

I wonder if any of my students will cry next week? hee hee

I updated my blog and now it isnt showing up right on other's bloglines... thought I would tell you!

Robin said...

I didn't think you were *mean* :)

Roxanne said...

Yes. . .Tony and I have both learned over the years that if one of the kids needs to actually SIT in my lap for a bit before they get their shoes on to get out the door, it saves SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much time later.

What a good Mrs. Stirman you are. . .and mean when you need to be. :)

elizabeth said...

I just blogged about this. Matthew, my first grader who lives to be at school, seems almost depressed this week. He was teary going back yesterday and tried all night to get in bed with me. His head hung down as he went to carpool today. It is always hard starting back after Christmas!

judy said...

We had a few tears too. Tom said to gut it up and don't let the car pool see your tears. I told him that didn't seem very caring and he said that is what dad's do and mom's can be all soft and sweet. It all balances out. hmmm. Could it be part of God's plan? Kind of like good cop-bad cop.

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