The Funniest Thing on the Web Today

So Antique Mommy lost the diaper bag. Since her outings these days are somewhat limited, she KNEW it had to be at Wal-Mart. She recounts calling customer service:

"She asked me to hold on while she checked lost and found. After she dropped the
phone on the desk (which rendered me deaf only for a short time), she shuffled
some papers, knocked over some boxes, used a blower dryer, ran her desk through a wood chipper and then zipped up an angry cat into a suitcase – at least that’s what it sounded like on my end anyway."

I have laughed all day. Thanks, Antique Mommy!

Since I don't want THIS to be a loose end, go see how the saga ends!


Roxanne said...

I especially liked the part about zipping an angry cat into a bag. . .I read her before I got to you--oh man, she cracks me up. . .

Denise W said...

She does make me laugh out loud..... and the funnything it's so true!!

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