Fitness Friday Delay

Today the author of Fitness Friday is taking a mental health day -- I have already done something for me. Now I am on my way to spend time with my family by joining the kids for lunch at their 50's day at school. Then I will go do something for someone else.

Fitness Friday should be posted this afternoon. In the meantime, you may want to be drinking LOTS of water, because I will tell you why your body needs it and by then it will be too late to get all of the water you need without staying up all night going to the bathroom!


Ashleigh said...

Any good healthy ideas on how to beat a cold as it starts? I can feel it in my scratchy sore throat, so you can bet I'll be drinking that water today and guzzling my echinacea.

Anonymous said...

A ear nose and throat doctor told me to take B50 once a day and it helped with my cold. He told me to do the zinc lozzenges also, but they were terrible.

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