Iced-In Observations

  • 42* is too cold to go outside and play, but if precipitation is involved, 18* is perfect.
  • Our family has a 60-hour togetherness limit. We are at about 74 hours.
  • A Route-44 Diet Coke from Sonic (because it made me happy) and a coffee chaser (because I was cold) is a bit much caffeine for my system. I should be awake until Thursday.
  • Nachos and chocolate-chip cookies are not good fuel for a workout.
  • I am evidently not too old to sleep until 10 a.m. (while the kids enjoy some mind-numbing video games).
  • There SHOULD be more to blog about since I've been home for 3 days straight but: a) I can't get to the computer since someone is always on it and b) very little is funny or thought-provoking after 3 days of togetherness.

Coming soon -- what DID happen at my house for these 3 days!


Roxanne said...

The forecast predicts a high of 30 tomorrow and precipitation during the night, yet our school district will wait until 6:00 a.m. to let us know if we are off. . .ARGH!!!!!!

Stephanie said...

Can you say cabin fever?
The togetherness limit is around 48 hours around here, and thankfully Mr. Fireman heads off for duty every 48 hours - it's a nice arrangement. My kids have come to call frozen tv-dinners "when-dad's-at-work-dinner" which shames me at the same time as it amuses me.

No... I am not big on being stuck in the house with all these people (God knows I love 'em) for too many days without a break!

I am so ready to get back to work!

Anne Jones said...

You missed some YUMMY stew! :)

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

Oh I feel for you! We are snowed in and sick! My son is fine, but my hubby has a fever and is out of commission and I have a cold. Not too fun. But we have power so I am SOOOOO grateful!

Hope this crazy weather eases up soon.

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