Fitness Friday #1: Have You Decided?

Here we are, the dawn of a new year while the poundage of last year still sits there. Sarah is handing out the fitness tips like crazy and, in reality, you KNOW things you can be doing to improve your fitness level. We all do. The deal is: I have knowledge, I have info, I have tips and tricks – but you have control of the one thing I don’t for changing your fitness level: your will. You have to decide that now is the time.

Before you think I’m asking you to make a blood oath about your activity level and caloric intake, please know that I’m not expecting you to change every aspect of your life in January, 2007. But I believe that successfully changing your life starts by simply setting your face in the right direction (oh my word, I have so many spiritual parallels I want to make, but later, later…) Seeing yourself as a healthy individual and making choices that reflect THAT person, not the former, tired, run-down, out-of-shape person you used to be.

Small story: Two years ago – January, 2005. We were coming off of four years in a row of unbelievable stress. My figure showed it. I was carrying around 20 extra pounds and felt awful. I decided. (those are key words, okay?) I decided that I had just spent four years dealing with everyone else’s problems and that was MY year to take care of me and get those 20 pounds off. I set my face in that direction.

Last year, January, 2006. I realize that I have lost 10 of my 20 pounds. I don’t kick myself, I don’t berate myself, I don’t eat half of a chocolate cake to comfort myself. Instead, I take a realistic look at those 10 pounds (my scale also tells me it’s actually about 15 pounds of fat because my muscle mass has changed so much) and re-evaluate what I’m doing and how it is or isn’t helping me get to where I’m going.

January, 2007: STILL carrying 5 of those pounds. I HAVE realized, though, that fitness doesn’t consume all of my time and energy. It does take a little time, but actually adds to my energy level! Exercise has become a part of my life and eating for me is a conscious decision to fuel my body – not an emotional response.

I tell you that just to illustrate that two years is a LONG time to lose 15 pounds. But, I’m still 15 pounds lighter than I was two years ago and NOT 15 pounds heavier, which, let’s face facts, folks – once you hit a certain age, if you’re not constantly battling your weight, you’re losing ground (and gaining rear!) And, obviously, fitness isn’t entirely about what the scale says. You know your fitness level. You know if it needs changing. And YOU get to choose when and how to change it. That is your assignment for the week – to choose. Which direction will you set your face? What have you decided about your fitness level?

And if you have already decided and would like a different assignment – try to drink more water than any other drink, and try to exercise at least twice before next Friday!


dad said...

Good job! I really appreciate your setting your talents to this work.
Perhaps you can develop this series into a book, it'll be a runaway best-seller, you'll get rich, and you can take care of your aging parents in the style in which they'd like to live.

The Lazy Organizer said...

Very inspiring article!

It's all about making it a priority isn't it? When I start think I'm being selfish for dragging the family to the gym with me every day I have to remember what I'm giving to them, the same legacy that my Mother gave to me. fitness and health!

mindy said...

Okay, I'm going to put it in print so it's going to make me accountable. I'm going to start drinking more water and less diet soda. Oooooh, that's gonna hurt. But I know that I need to and you have inspired me. I'll try to report next Friday if I've been able to DO IT!

Denise W said...

Yesterday was the first day since the holidays started that I finished my 64 ounces of water! WooHoo!

My first bottle of the day is staring at me right now...

Now I need some fiber. (Is all this so I won't feel quilty about not walking? Humm?)

SKQBDOO said...

Good article, Sarah! I have gotten passionate about fitness over the past year or so, although I have had about a 3 month stall because of a foot surgery. I am a 5:30 AM class at the gym person as well!! What gym to you go to? My membership is at Gold's

Roxanne said...

I decided TODAY that I was going to concentrate on two things. Not procrastinating and exercise. When I procrastinate, I feel miserable and I am normally eating while I am procrastinating which sets off all kinds of bad juju. If I'm exercising, then that will be ONE less thing I'm procrastinating about with the added benefit that it's GOOD for me. So strike what I said in my blog earlier. Forget weight loss. No procrastinating. Lots of exercise. That ought to do for now.

Nicole said...

Hey. Loved the post. It was very encouraging. I am at my 15 mile mark for the weel so far, so I am very proud of myself. I DO need to drink more water though. For sure.

I do think that exercising has to be started out very slow. A lot of people jump into it with these MASSIVE goals and the get burnt out in 2 weeks. I think if you start of with just 30 minutes a day of just walking around your neighborhood is great. THEN if you want to speed up or go longer you can. Setting an attainable goal is key in my opinion.

I agree with lazy organizer too. It IS a legacy that we give our children and lets them know that fitness IS important. Eating healthy foods IS important.

Congrats on the 15! That's an awesome feeling, huh?

BTW-Thanks for the visit!

laura a. said...

For the first January of the past 20 years, my fitness goals have gone down a notch. No more over-the-top exercise regimes for me. I plan on 3 cardio sessions a week for 30 minutes and 2 weight training sessions a week. Over-doing the cardio has really gone against my efforts to lose weight. My goal is to approach all things in my life with less pressure and more peace and tranquility. I'm giving myself a break! By the way I made it through the holidays without gaining one pound and not exercising. love ya

Kristi said...

Sarah- I think it is much more healthy to lose slowly, chances of putting it back on are a lot less.

I am going to remember your post about not consoling yourself with chocoalte cake if I don't hit where I'd like to be next year!!

Thanks for the inspiration!

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