A topic? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Friends, I've got nothin'. I've got LOTS for Fitness Friday -- what a response from you folks! And, Mindy -- goin' out on a limb!! For the record, if Mindy doesn't have aspartame coursing through her veins, she has coffee in them. She and her husband are some coffee drinking nuts!

So, New Year's... just trying to get through the week at the moment. We've had health issues at our house, a sleepover, and various craziness. Today we leave for Temple for a homecoming/ reunion of sorts at the church we used to attend. I'm looking forward to seeing many dear faces from the past -- like my own little piece of heaven being reunited with others and worshipping together.

Movies -- I've seen The Holiday and took the kids to see Night at the Museum this week. Thoroughly enjoyed them both. Denise has a fairly accurate review of The Holiday here. Pretty much a chic flick. Jack Black as a love interest? Hard to believe, but he was cute. Jude Law as a love interest? Yes, indeedy. Very pretty to look at. Night at the Museum was cute and fun. Abbie is about 4 and 1/2 and was with us -- parts of it were a little scary to her, but she made it okay. Riley's favorite line, "My Dumdum need to speak." I was afraid he would try that here when I needed to talk to the kids, so he is altering it to "Mom-mom need to speak." Better.

Troy is pacing -- meaning I'm supposed to be packing instead of blogging, I think. So I will have to be back here next week sometime!


Roxanne said...

Have fun in Temple. . .glad you enjoyed the movie. :)

Roxanne said...

OOOOOO-OOOOOO-OOOOO I have a topic at my blog. . .have all your friends join in. . .

mindy said...

HaHaHa!!!! You picked up on that in our short time as office mates did ya? :) Come to think of it....a cup of Joe would really be good about right now...I have to confess I've been telling myself I need to drink these Diet Cokes to get them out of the house so they won't tempt me. Could that be a cop out?

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