Works For Me Wednesday

Look at me, two days in a row of participating in some blog-imposed, day-of-the-week doo-dah. This is really in conjunction with my Fitness Fridays (1 and 2), but this is a good WFMW AND I always run way too long on Fridays, anyway.

So, are you getting enough water? Me, either. Especially when it's this cold, I don't really want water. Diet Coke? Always. Water? Not-so-much. So, my year-round trick to drinking my water is ... (drumroll, please) 16-oz. water bottles! I know, you want a refund on your WFMW admission fee, right? Stick with me for a moment!

Instead of thinking of the 12 gallons or whatever it is we're all supposed to drink, I try to think about it one 16-ounce water bottle at a time. I try to drink one every two hours for 12 hours, so yes, I (try to) drink 6 in a day instead of 4, which is recommended. One reason I do that is because I'm an exerciser and need to replenish from that. When it's cold like this, I just fill my water bottle and leave it sitting out -- it's easier to drink if it isn't too cold. In the summers I'll put it in the 'fridge for a while, but I still don't want it too cold. I just want to guzzle it and be done with it.

Even 2 16-oz. bottles before lunch and 2 after lunch would be PLENTY of water -- and, for most of us, way more than we are currently drinking!

I don't spend a fortune on water bottles -- I'm a refiller. I just find the handy little containers a good size to drink quickly and it's a measured amount so I know what I'm getting.

I know it's not "rocket surgery", but it works for me!

Check Shannon's blog for more WFMW ideas.

Check back Friday for another Fitness Friday! Eventually I'll get around to talking about "What's the Big Deal about Water Anyway?"


RC said...

hey, i understand you thought process...makes sense to me.

Anne Jones said...

I like the 24 oz bottles! They get me through fast! :)

Nathaniel said...

I like refilling the bottles because it is so much cheaper (I even like Abilene tap water better than bottled water---cue the "boos!!" from the peanut-gallery).

On the other hand I HATE cleaning the bottles. Any quick-tips for that or do you just use them for a few days and then toss?


Roxanne said...

My sister recycles her bottles by filling them with water and then dropping a denture tablet in (no lie) to clean them. . .she says it works like a charm. I like my water cold, so I adopted her other trick of filling the bottle half full and putting it in the freezer at a tilt--you can fill it up with water, then have chilled water on the go.

Larae said...

That's a great tip. I've been buying big packs of water in the stores for way too much $$, I need to start this (my mom does) and just save and re-use my bottles. I think it motivates me to drink more water when the bottle is new? haha

Oh and a great tip I've got for you is to add one of those "on the go" flavorings for water, the ones that have 5 calories or less, the sugar-free, calorie-free are by far the best ones I've found. Add a packet of splenda if you can't stand the no-sugar taste and viola, water drinking made easy (and still healthy!) Thanks for sharing =)

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