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Tackle It Tuesday Meme

I have mentioned before that I don't really 'do' the Tackle-It Tuesday doo-dah many of you fabulous bloggers do. I work on Tuesday and if I can make it TO work, home from work, and get dinner on the table all while remaining conscious, I've tackled about all I can in a day. HOWEVER, I accomplished such a monumental organizational/ clean-out feat this weekend, that I want to participate to get oohs and ahhs from all over blogworld. But first, ahem, there is the ugly truth.

I have seen people ask bloggers to post a picture of where they work on their computer so that the blog world can get an image of the serene, happy blogger at work. Oh, have mercy, I don't think so. I knew coming into 2007 that I MUST get a handle on my office/ sewing room/ scrapbook room, but I just could barely face it. However, Friday inspiration struck. The weather was supposed to get bad and what in heaven's name would I do for 3 days at home? I just might be able to get a handle on the office.

So, humbly I give you what you could see of my office from my dining room table:

Lovely, no? Actually, that's about as good as it got, because once you enter the room, you see this:

And behind the door is where fabric goes to throw up:

So the above is what my office looked like at 4 p.m. Friday afternoon at which time I began to post signs around my dining room: "Sewing/ Crafts" or "Household Business", etc. and unload the office into piles. By 10 p.m., the dining room was ever so full of STUFF:

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Stephanie said...

You have your very very very own closet?! *sigh*

Lucky. *in Napoleon Dynamitesque*

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