Loose Ends

Some things I know you haven't been able to sleep over:

The appliance gods at my house:

My deer-hunter in shining camo came home just as I was dismantling the washing machine to get to the bottom of the drip. He found the problem and fixed it, saving us $85!!! Yay!! I think this was about 5 days before we paid $230 to fix some sort of air-flow issue with my car (that kept it from running unless you were revving the engine).

Appliance gods -- 0
Vehicle deities -- 1

Our time in Temple:

It was GLORIOUS to see so many friends from days gone by. I told friends: "This is JUST like heaven -- only hotter." New auditorium -- climate control issues. My FAVORITE part of the weekend, hands-down, was when someone asked if I were my friends' (Lynn and Kim) daughter. HA! I will live off of that for months to come. I have to admit, it was a good hair day!

Did I miss anything? Is there anything out there you're still wondering. We have yet to find the shoes.

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Roxanne said...

Oh. . .I hope the shoes aren't in Temple. YIKES.

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