Sunshine for My Soul

Oh, I truly hope you see it. I'm in my BEAUTIFUL, clean, and newly-organized computer room with my back to the interior door of the room, but I still see a reflection of the GLORIOUS sun in the computer screen. Love it, love it, love it AND my weatherbug temperature thingy-doo-dah tells me that it's 53 balmy degrees. I am just popping in here to say that I may make it through the next round of snow (which is scheduled to start tomorrow, but hopefully they are as wrong about that as they were about yesterday) and then I am taking my dog for a very long walk to bask in the golden goodness that is the SUN. I can't wait!!

Years ago I proclaimed to my family to never consider moving me any further north than Interstate-20. I don't winter well. And, after talking to many of you -- not many of us DO winter well. I know, it's all about perspective. Ginger is up there in some way-northern midwest state that makes me shiver to recall the name. I read one blog of an air force wife stationed somewhere here in the states where it was FOUR flippin' degrees one day last week. NOthankyouverymuch!! I'm sure these people scoff at our meteorologists that count how many HOURS we spend continuously under freezing (we got up to 108 hours under freezing -- yes, that isn't even 5 days) instead of days. But I don't do it well!

Someone asked me if I would be joining them for something, "Or do you need to be alone." I wanted to scream: "YES!! I NEED TO BE ALONE! I NEED MY HOUSE TO NOT BE DOMINATED BY VIDEO GAMES AND SOCK-FOOTED CHILDREN PLAYING CHASE!! I NEED THE MUDDY DOG FOOTPRINTS TO BE GONE AND STAY GONE!!! YES, I NEED TO BE ALONE!!!!" Obviously, time at my house wasn't getting me alone time, so I opted for friend-time. I don't know if I was enjoyable, but it was very nice to have 4 different walls to stare at. And I didn't even notice any muddy puppy footprint, even though I was at a 2-dog house. Maybe their dogs are potty trained. Maybe I'll try that next ice-in. NOT!

So, I'm off for a walk to soak up the sun and hopefully find some semblance of sanity. It's amazing how my ambitions rise with the viewing of the sun -- I have about 35 things I want to get accomplished today and am naively believing I will conquer every last one of them! May you find some sun where you are today!


Roxanne said...

The sun showed up after Sunday school and hung around for my early evening walk. It's supposed to be cloudy and raining again by the time I leave for work--but the sun was glorious.

Denise W said...

I thought you were very fun the other night. My only comlplaint was it was too short (and Rob knew all the answers!)

Troy M. Stirman said...

"I don't weather winter well..."

Hmmm, I'm thinking of the ski slopes in November '92...a truer statement was never spoken!

Love ya!


Mel said...

Nothing is quite as delicious as warming temperatures after freezing ones! But an organized room is a close second!

dad said...

I'm with you, babe! My ideal temperature is about 72. Even though it's gray & ugly now in Houston, we actually had our sunglasses on during part of our drive today. So thanks for the good thoughts.

Keshi said...

hoping u get nice warm sunshine all ur life.


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