Highlights of the last day before Christmas break

"Here's your Christmas gift, Mrs. Stirman!" #14 holds out his hand, and in his grimy palm is an UNWRAPPED Hershey's kiss. "Thank you SO much! I'll put it right here to save it" (until you're gone when I can throw it away).

"This is the best party ever!"

(stream of consciousness from #20 as he digs in the dirt at recess): "I lived in Amarillo, then Lubbock, then Abilene. We lived in a duplex, but our manager, or our landlord, he let us call him either one, had a nice house that he would let us buy and my mom really liked it and she said it was SO cute. You know how women like to have nice houses? Hey, do you know velociraptors? I LOVE those meat-eaters...." I'm not even kidding -- at this point I was laughing too hard to hear how we got to the big bang theory.

Updated later as I remembered: #17, giving me my gift and Kendra's to take to her. Kendra's is in some cheery color, while mine is a patchwork of several bright colors: "I picked this one for you because you're colorful." Me? Colorful? As in, Dr. Seuss illustration? Or as in, my language. Because I PROMISE I have never cursed in the classroom. Outloud.

My favorite part of the day:
"Bye!!!! I love you!! Have a great Christmas -- see you in 2 weeks!!!"


Ginger said...

Hurrah! I LOVE it when Christmas break begins!

Roxanne said...

The internet ate my comment. . .

It went a little somethin' like this. . .

I laid it down today too, girls. The tension stress is still in the tippy tops of my shoulder muscles, but I'm hoping after my shopping is done tomorrow to sleep MOST of Saturday--or sew.

Kendra said...

I just had to go dig through the trash to see what kind of package I got from didn't look too cheery. I'm afraid of how that reflects on me. BUT not for too long! I'm on Christmas vacation!!! Who in the heck cares what #17 thinks of me?! Or #1-#22 for that matter!!!

Kendra said...

And yes, conversations with #20 can be hard to follow b/c they move FAST and have lots of details and questions (with no pauses for you to actually answer) but if you can follow along they always deliver. Too bad he doesn't know about when it is and is not appropriate to tell stories. And even if it does start out relating to the topic there's no guarantee that it will stay there. In fact there's every guarantee it won't. But you gotta love a guy who tells you "I know I'm annoying, but I love you!"

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