Hot, Sweaty, and Grouchy

The thermometer in my car on Saturday. According to my computer, we're 3* higher than that currently.

Forecast shows at least getting closer to normal. Do you know what 40% chance of rain means? It means "fat chance". Sorry, I'm too hot to not be skeptical. EXCEPT -- I am supposed to go camping with about 45 bigs and littles on Friday. That would be a great opportunity for rain, wouldn't it?

Please send popsicles and donations to aid our electricity and water bills.


Roxanne said...

Last year we froze on Easter. This year we sweltered.

All or nothin'. . .


jessica said...

My mom told me today that she was irritated that she had to turn the air on last night. What? My air has been on for weeks now! Just think, only a few more weeks till the pool opens and at this rate it will actually be warm when it opens!

jessica said... are a great mom...I bet there are kids who are still awake and whose parents have no idea that the test is tomorrow! :)

Roxanne said...

I concur. . .great mom, indeed. I think I commented on Stephanie's blog regarding the DSL. . .can't even remember now. I've been surfin' tonight. . .I need to go to bed. I have two days of non-stop walking ahead of me. We are not allowed to sit, read, write, or do anything else other than monitor THE TEST (imagine any dark, ominous music you choose).

Each year I have to concoct new wasy to LOOK like I'm monitoring the test while not bugging the kids insane. For me personally, it would have driven me willy-nilly to have someone walking around the entire time I was trying to take a test. So I basically tell the kids ahead of time, "Look. When I'm walking by you and stop, it's not because you are doing anything wrong. I'm not trying to read your answers. I CAN'T, by law, read the test. I just want to make sure you are on the right page, in the right part of the Scantron, and it makes the State of Texas happy to see me do it."

That normally relaxes them some. . .and I still manage to lean against my stool every now and again.

Good luck to Ashley--she probably doesn't need it, however. I am also quite confident that you will have a WONDERFULLY nutritious breakfast for her in the morning, so pre-kudos to you!!!


Heth said...

I'm so jealous, I love summer. Wanna trade weather? You can have our wind and 60's if I can have your upper 90's. Deal?

janiners said...

I'm with ya! Here in Tulsa we broke a record yesterday when we topped 95 and we're set for another day of possibly record-breaking heat again today with temperatures close to 100! Being pregnant in the spring that feels more like summer is making me long for the wintertime and dread the actual summer to come. At least tomorrow should be quite cooler. Hang in there. :-)

Better Full... said...

Yep, I'm with Heth in the midwest, waiting for the wind to quit. My kids can't wait for your kind of weather.
Thanks for commenting on my Bean's blog.

SuperMom said...

The water hose on the THAT looks fun! I'm coming to your house. You are a way cool mom.

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