All the Sky Is Brown. . . And My Teeth Are Gray

I took these pictures as I left work this afternoon. No, the sky isn't gray, it's brown. Notice the flags at the bank. I had the windows down a little bit while I was in work to cool off the car. There is a fine layer of sand over every surface of my car. My teeth crunch when I close my mouth, my contacts feel like I have shaken salt over them, and my throat feels like I've been eating dirt. So why do I love living here so much?


Ruth Erin said...

Yes, I have been shaking sand, dirt, and bits of leaf out of my hair all afternoon.

It's moments like this when I think it a wonder that somebody back-in-the-day really thought it was a good idea to plant a town here.

Roxanne said...

Somehow I lived an entire year there without seeing it rain mud. . .but I do recall one sand storm.

Ick.(crunch, crunch)

Heth said...

Wow, that's crazy!

flipflop said...

Sand in mouth. Not good.

Better Full... said...

fwlucI have NEVER seen a sky like this before. Most decidedly brown!

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