Making a list. . .

Tomorrow is December first, Thanksgiving is over, so of course the kids have started on their Christmas lists. (I have told them in the past that any changes and/or additions to the list after December 1 are not guaranteed to make it to Santa's mailbox! Santa REALLY hates last-minute shopping!) A few nights ago the kids were working on their lists.

They have decided to go with Sears' holiday slogan: "Dream Big". They made 2 lists: a "wish list" (which they are well aware probably won't happen) and what Dr. Phil would call a "get-real" list.

Ashley's wish list:
swimming pool (I'll back her up on asking for this!)
baby brother

Riley's wish list:
TV for my room (they are aware that I believe that brain cells can be sucked out by watching TV in the living room just as well as in their own bedroom)
peace in all the world
more pumpkin pie (how sad is that! :-)

When I noticed that their "get-real" list was going on and on and on, I reminded them, "You're only going to get 3 gifts, you know."

Ashley was apalled and outraged, "WHAT?!?! Only _3_ gifts, that's not fair!!"

"Jesus only got 3 for Christmas -- do you think you deserve any better than Jesus?"

Hating my logic, she continued, "No, but that's not fair! Just 3?"

"Are you telling me you're any better than Jesus?"

Riley hasn't looked up from his list and continues to scribble away while he joins the conversation: "I'll take the gold, Mom."


Tammy M. said...

That Riley! He's a quick thinker he is.

Amanda said...


That's hilarious!!!!

Anne Jones said...

While I cannot provide a baby brother before the end of the year, you guys are welcome to borrow little Levi for some good 'ol diaper changing and baby fun!

Jeff said...

Ashley wants a baby brother?!!! That's on her wish list? Out of all the things you chose to editorialize, I noticed you missed that one. Is she floating up a test ballon or is this one she is just keeping in the air, originating w/ Mom & Dad? WoW another round of'd have more fun. I'm with Ashley, I want the Stirman's to have a new baby in the house.

Sarah said...

I chose not to editorialize on the baby brother comment b/c there is simply so much to say.

I have only recently come to peace with being done with diaper days. Troy has been at peace for YEARS -- basically since Riley was about 3 months old.

The main reason(s) I have ever longed for another is a)I LOVED pregnancy so very much and b)I would like an opportunity to do the newborn/toddler stage better than I did with my 2. But I realize I'm MUCH nicer to other people's little ones than ones that could possibly keep me up at night! :-)

So Abbie is my 3 year old best friend, and Levi will be the Stirmans to love and cuddle until he poops -- then he's Anne and Nathaniel's!

Don't hold your breath for the Stirmans to embark on the diaper phase (any time I write something like that I fear I'm sitting here unknowingly pregnant to give people ammunition for great fun at our expense later! :-) We'll let the Scotts have another go 'round at the diapers first!

Anonymous said...

It makes me so happy that you love my daughter!!! She can REALLY push my buttons sometimes!

They say that older moms have more patience.... I'm very blessed by God to have had my SO late. I think how horrible I would have been at 20, 23, 25, etc.

Not that you need to have another....

Anne Jones said...

Just wanted to let you know that you have inspired me to begin blogging myself.

Anne Jones said...

make that

OOPS! :)

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