What's Old is New?

Phrases I have literally heard in the last year:
  • (age) 50 is the new 30 (The Today Show)
  • Pink is the new black (Nathaniel Jones - and fashion magazines! :-)
  • Green is the new brown (Most of the Abilene Jr. League)
  • (age) 70 is the new 55 (current Reader's Digest)

Um, is there a 'reset' button on all of this? What happens when black becomes the new pink? Will it be black again? So what about people that are currently 30? Do they stay that way for 20 years?

Whether or not there is an actual 'reset' button, please do not speak to me in what "is the new" what. Half the time I can't even find my keys -- there certainly isn't room in my brain to keep all of that straight.


Tammy M. said...

Restaurants are to the 80's what theatre was to the 60's.

Deana Nall said...

I was just getting used to brown being the new black.

I was in band at ACU with a Troy Stirman. From Temple, I think?

Deana Nall said...

Or maybe Belton, now that I think about it.

The Troy Stirman Family said...

Deanna- your mostly correct.
Hometown- Temple
County seat- Belton (Bell Cty)

The Troy Stirman Family said...

The only reason the "Today Show" says that 50 is the new 30 is because the morning anchors are getting there fast....Katie, are you listening....?


Tammy M. said...

Pasta is the quiche of the 80's. (I even watched when Harry met Sally today to get the words right on that quote.)

Sarah said...

Brown used to be the new black? I wonder if that means that green will be the new pink?

OOhhh-- I think I have a new one: IM'ing is to the (what decade do we call this?) 2000's what resaurants were to the '80's? Huh? Makes as much sense as the rest of them!

And, yeah, I agree with Troy that the Today anchors made up the "50 is the new 30" thing. Can I make 36 be the new 23?

Someone please make it stop!!!!

Anonymous said...

36 isn't the new anything. . .I got a photo and a note today from a girl I taught 5th grade language arts to here in Houston. She is NOW TEACHING 5TH GRADE LANGUAGE ARTS IN HOUSTON.



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