If living with a 13-year-old girl is any more of a roller coaster than living with a 9-year-old girl, would someone please send me some boarding school brochures?

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Anonymous said...

What did she do? I just saw a 12 year old girl crying in the hallway at school because her friend didn't believe her (the cryer's) cat had been stolen. And Victoria cried yesterday (on picture day) because she wanted her hair in a pony tail, but we tried that last year and her head looked lopsided since the pony tail slid a little by picture time. I DID NOT tell her her head looked lopsided in last year's photo. She would not have gotten her feelings hurt but would have worried from now 'til the cows came home if her head was truly lopsided under her hair and how that would affect her in the future.

Oh, my. . .


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