Adieu, Summer

Things I will miss about summer:
  • My most urgent obligation on most days is getting all of us to the pool, where the children don't fight and I sit with my friends and talk, laugh, and solve the world's problems.
  • Getting "dressed up to go out" means finding some shorts that aren't frayed and maybe putting on some eye liner.
  • The only time we have to hurry to get everyone out the door is on Sunday mornings; it's not a constant way of life.
  • The ice at the swim club (like Sonic's ice).
  • A swim suit is my work uniform (and, in my mind, has become acceptable dress at most retail establishments).

Things I will not miss about summer:

  • The constant coating of sticky -- melted ice cream, sno-cone juice, popsicle drippings -- that cover most of the doorknobs in my house and a good portion of my car.
  • My coiffe' choices are: ponytail or sweaty or both.
  • Scorching my hand on car doors or door knobs facing the sun.
  • My TXU bill.
  • Being hot, hot, hot -- except when I'm freezing, freezing, freezing in the air conditioning (welcome to Southern Hills! :-)

You'll notice that most of the things I will miss are related to a lack of schedule, most of the things I won't miss are related to miserable temperatures that will stick around for the next 6-8 weeks. *sigh* I'll just have to remember what Riley says. When I asked Riley to help me with 'what I will miss' about summer, he had a great response: "What do you mean? There will always be another summer." I like his attitude! Somebody please remind me of that in January.

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Tammy M. said...

I will miss the fun times at the pool, what a blessing that has been for the kids and me! As Holly Brant says it is the best $150 she spends all year. Fun, sun, friends.....not necessarily in that order. How great is it to visit for 2-4 hours 3-5 times a week with women who bless your life, it is dreamy!.

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