Morning drop off

School started yesterday. All of my plans and schemes for a morning routine and to get out the door on time -- blah, blah, blah. And God said, "Ha!" We were to leave at 7:45 a.m. At 7:45 it is raining in sheets. Our family owns one umbrella. Is it anywhere to be found? I searched the top 3 places and then just decided to grab my raincoat and the kids could drip. 7:50 -- finally in the car. Ashley was doing something for me and set her lunchbox down. She returns to the house to get her lunchbox while the neighbors' cat wanders into the garage. In putting my raincoat into the passenger seat, I knocked my keys off of the console where they had been sitting. Can't find them ANYWHERE. I heard them 'thunk', know they are still in the car, but can't see them. 7:55 -- return to the house for a flashlight to search for keys while Ashley tries to wrestle and bribe the cat out of the garage. Cat seeks shelter under my car. 8:00 -- keys are located, cat still in garage, Sarah stroking out in driver's seat. And we're off. (No, I didn't run over the cat in the process, but did lock him in a pitch-black garage for a few hours).

We weren't late, but drop offs at schools are just a nightmare. If a principal takes a very pro-active stance in directing traffic, sometimes it's not TOO awful, but I haven't seen any Abilene principals willing to do that (and I can't really blame them). And I admit that nothing brings out my need for other people to conform to MY way of thinking like school pick-up and drop-off. If we would all do it my way -- considerate of other drivers as well as concerned for the children's safety -- well, I don't know if it would go any better, but I would be happier and that should be what this world is based on, right?

Then I started my job. So far, so good. Lots of training and new acronyms. Whatever. My favorite office orientation statement was, "Undergarments should be discreet but not absent." As my director says, "You can laugh, but all of these originated with someone!" Oh -- for anyone I have failed to officially inform, I am working part-time for Big Brothers Big Sisters of West Central Texas. That's about all I can tell you now -- until I've figured out what it is I'm actually doing.

Tonight I have a lah-dee-dah dinner for Troy's work. Actually it's more of a ho-hum dinner. The lah-dee-dah one(s) is in February. It just calls to mind where he and I were last year at this time. I remember that as we dressed for this dinner we were calmly discussing whether or not our marriage was even worth the hassle of working on it (we had been working on it for some months at that point). Our basic concensus was that it may or may not be worth it, but a divorce is just so nasty and costly maybe we could work it out. Truly, that's all we could come up with. God has done so much and healed so much in both of us. I am so thankful for His mighty hand in my little bitty, generally ungrateful life. Thank you, Lord, for your faithfulness when we thought we would drown. Thank you, Troy, for fighting for our family. I am blessed many times over.


Tammy M. said...

It's amazing what a year can do in your life isn't it? Time is an amazing gift. Glad that you are with your sweet husband at a wonderful dinner (you two are together at the dinner, that's pretty wonderful), God bless you two and your family.

Anonymous said...


I love you. . .you, of course, made me laugh hysterically at your description of all the mishaps in your morning. . .reminded me of the time my car got stuck at the top of 18th (or whatever that street was we lived off of in Abilene), and the man in the corvette took pity on me and brought me home so you could take me to work. . .and Doug's dog got out (was his name Chewbacca??? Something similar), and you were trying to bribe him into his dog run (while wearing a white mini skirt no less) while I calmly informed the mechanic that my vehicle was stalling traffic in the middle of an intersection, and he was not to fix it if it cost more than $500. AND there was a huge stain on the driveway from power steering fluid. . .maybe you can run by 835 Vista and see if it's still there--the stain--not the duplex.

INDEED!!! Hope you and Troy had fun. . .


Sarah said...

Your car was stuck at the top of Washington Blvd., Doug's dog's name was Sabaka, and I'm pretty sure I screamed a curse word at the dog while you were on the phone with the mechanic. Good times. Being young 20-somethings, though, we laughed until we cried. Truly good times.

Roxanne said...

And one of THE funniest moments was you clad in your white mini skirt trying to bribe the dog into his run with a bag of pretzels that were probably your breakfast. It worked beautifully until he snatched the bag of pretzels from you and began shaking them all over the driveway. That was probably where the cursing came in. :)

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