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If you are a blog-reader not living in Abilene, Texas, you may have missed a recent ACU controversy regarding the homecoming musical the theater department had chosen. It boils down to: NAACP -- 4 months into rehearsals -- realized that a white girl had been cast to play a Nubian (African) princess in the homecoming musical, 'Aida'. Hackles were raised, letters to the editor were written, tensions were rising. Adam Hester, director of the play, ditches those 4 months of rehearsal so as not to rub salt in any wounds. Letters to the editor continue to fly back and forth. It's a mess and very sad. If you want more detail, go to Mike Cope's blog -- he has his own editorial, as well as links to relevant newspaper articles. Late last week it was announced that 'Seussical' would replace 'Aida' (musical based on Dr. Seuss' stories and characters). I wrote the following letter to the editor which, to my knowledge has never been published which tells me one of several things: a) editor disagrees with it too strongly b) editor finds it too inflammatory (I suspect this is not the case -- they seem to like inflammatory in that department) or c) editor is weary of beating the dead horse that is the 'Aida' controversy (which is, I suspect, closer to the truth). But, since you are privvy to this most insightful blog you get to read it anyway!
I would like to commend Adam Hester and ACU's Theater Department for taking the
high road in replacing the musical 'Aida' amidst controversy. I can't wait
to take my family to see the homecoming production of 'Seussical' not only to
see another fabulous production from that department, but to show my
support. As further evidence of my support, I would like to volunteer my
services to Mr. Hester to assist him in locating ACU students that have blue
skin or who are bright red with colorful feathers growing out of the top of
their head to fill the roles in Seussical. These students, as well as the
green students with orange polka-dots, will allow Mr. Hester to stop that silly
practice of casting a play on talent instead of skin color.

(Sarah's note -- 8/23/05: My letter was published this morning in the Abilene Reporter-News. Let the rotten eggs start flying at my house!)


Tammy M. said...

I have a kid that looks green in the morning, he could help you out.
Good article.

Anonymous said...

I got into the Abilene Reporter to read about the controversy, and you have been published yet again, dear Sarah. The letter is, at least, on line. :) Good Job.


Amanda said...

I know nothing of this...but your letter is still hilarious!

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