Exercise Observations:

I noticed a few things on my jaunt around the neighborhood this morning:
  • People who drink Keystone Light beer seem to be more likely to litter than any other beverage. Perhaps those dorky "Please dispose of properly" signs on cans and cups have been working and Keystone Light doesn't have one.
  • If the people standing in the street can smell your perfume/ cologne while you drive by, YOU'RE WEARING TOO MUCH!
  • At precious few homes, you can smell breakfast cooking as you run by (this happens more frequently on Sunday mornings than your average weekday morning). Makes me wonder if people can smell the cereal boxes from outside my house.
  • The combination of a driver putting on make-up or a tie, still waking up, with the sun in their face makes for very poor driving (and they have probably noticed that a fatigued runner with headphones on makes a very poor pedestrian).
  • I love my run -- after it's over.

Tuesday was my friend, Roxanne's birthday. I have known Roxanne for almost 30 years. Man, that makes BOTH of us sound old. Wish I had a scanner -- I would post our first-grade class picture where we are sitting together. Now I have one leaving first grade and she has one starting first grade. Wonder which of their friends will be friends-for-life? Happy Birthday, Roxanne!


Anonymous said...

Indeedy, Sarah--30 years. My birthday was a happy one--everyone was healthy, I got all of my clothes ironed for going back to school. Much fun for a now 36 year old but not nearly as fun as consuming half a chocolate cake and a (glass) bottle of diet coke in my parent's living room floor with YOU!!! I remember VERY clearly my instructions to Momma after I spent that summer in Montana. She was coming to Searcy to pick me up on my birthday and asked if I wanted her to bring anything. My reply was, "Bring Sarah and my chocolate cake.

School began "officially" for me today--so e-mail from me will be more frequent. How funny that I chose to eat my lunch in front of my computer so that I could catch up on your blog and Jack's. And a nice, little birthday greeting in your last post to boot. It made my day.

Love you,


Denise said...

*The smell of food is very rare and I'm usually very hungry!

*People out in their PJs. They are walking the dog, watering plants, talking on the phone, etc. Put on some shorts, please.

*I laugh every time I see the big garbarge cans with the words "street street" on them. There's a learning curve there.

I love walking the neighborhood (I can't run, my feet don't work that way.) I recommend it to everyone.

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