Thursday mornings with the Stirmans

My church has a great Wednesday evening praise service. It puts focus back into my week and gets me through -- until Thursday morning, which is as much of a low as Wednesday evening is a high. We frequently stand around and talk on Wednesday nights, leaving our children to run amok and getting themselves hyped up so that sleep is insured to stay away until well after 10 p.m. On evenings when Troy is traveling the delay is even longer as we must spend about 30 minutes on the phone telling him 'good night'.

All of this activity makes for a SLOW Thursday morning. I let the kids sleep in just a few extra minutes. When I do try to wake them, there is so little movement I feel like I should check for a pulse. This morning I had this conversation: "MOM! I can't see you!" "No, you can't -- your eyes aren't open." "Oh." At least one child is in tears ("I don't feel good" "I don't want to go to school" "I forgot to bring home my book"). Eventually there is shouting (from dear old mom) because we can't drag our hineys out the door on time. We finally get to school -- me, with smoke pouring out of my ears, them with tears in their bleary little eyes.

Wish we could go straight from Wednesday to Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sarah,

You are such a good Mommy and wonderful Christian. We haven't been to Wed. night church since school started for the very scenario you mentioned on Thurs. morning. I always know, however, that your choice is a better one.

Love you--

Tammy M. said...

Thursday mornings are hard, but Wednesday nights are the best!

Anonymous said...

Never, never, never skip HIP! This is rule to be followed by all mommies and daddies who loved to be "tuned up" on Wednesdays.

Now if I could just make it to Sunday morning without killing anyone...

Sarah said...

I have also recently realized that there really should be a meditation moment at the beginning of Sunday morning services for all mommies to have a quiet reflective moment to repent of the means used to get everyone out the door to church and get in a frame of mind to worship.

The Troy Stirman Family said...

is always worthwhile
when you can be present!

When traveling, I visit some of the largest churches in the brotherhood and have found nothing to compare to the unbelievable sense of peace & restorative value that is gleaned from coming to SHCC on Wednesday evening. Though I am biased, I think the following conversation overheard the weekend before school started on ACU's campus sums it up best:

Freshman to upper classman:
"Where do you go to church on Wed.?

Upper classmen:
"Me and my friends go to H.I.P. at Southern Hills."

Freshman: "Why?"

Upper classmen:
"It's the only church that offers what we really need in the middle of the week."

Freshman: "Why?"

Upper classmen:
"Come this Wednesday and find out for yourself. Once you come, you will keep coming back week after week."

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