Memo to the Teachers

Dear Mrs. Moser and Ms. Martin:

Thank you for giving my children a reprieve from homework this week. It has aided our transition to school to establish our own routines before we have to add homework to the mix. Or the kids' homework at least. Here is a summary of what I have been obligated to complete this week:


  • Emergency Information Card for each child
  • PE information and permission slip
  • Field trip permission slip that, as I read it, entitles you to take my children anywhere at anytime for any trip that you deem educational. Will I be notified if you plan to leave the state?
  • Immigrant Worker Survey
  • Homeless Survey


  • Student Code of Conduct. ( I know I signed that I read it, but I didn't really)
  • Internet permission form


A blessed day off


  • PTO requested that I cough up names of friends and family so that some magazine company may send solicitations to them. (If I gave your name, please throw it away -- but it enabled my children to receive some plastic piece of junk that will be broken before we get home from school today).

I am requesting a reprieve from my own homework for the weekend. And I am so thankful this is a school where my children have been attending for 4 years so that I do not have to produce a blood sample, my mortgage paperwork, and all utility bills we have ever received.


Ashley and Riley's mom

Okay - have we all seen the new thing in computer 'spam'? They're leaving it on blog comments now. There is a special place in the after-life for these people -- right between the people that invented those plastic CD holders that come on CD's that you purchase and the people that are "doing it wrong" in the school drop-off lane!


Anonymous said...

As a mom of 3 school kids I find this highly amusing! Craig came through the other night and asked if I was still doing my homework! I would say that the dads should fill out these forms next year but Craig for one wouldn't know all the answers. Try filling them out for a child on 5 meds. I now find myself editing the information. They really don't need the address of my two friends or relative that they could call... just the number. Why would they need the address and office number of the child's dr.? If it's an emergency call 911. If not, call me!! Thanks for the laugh and tell Don and Rachel hi for me.


Sarah said...

Sadly enough, after writing this I went to lunch with Ashley and sat across the table from a lady with 7 children -- 6 of whom are in the public school system. She did, in fact, enlist her husband to fill some out.

Took the Hood girls to the park on Thursday. They're too precious. Can't wait for Rachel and AnnaBeth to REALLY be in town!

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