When the dog is violently ill indoors and you are the only witness (which means you have to clean it up) and all of your own hair creates a clog in the shower drain that necessitates you clean it out and both of these things happen before 7:15 a.m. -- you may as well go back to bed.

Our preacher speaks of (possibly even makes fun of) our "church button" -- that "button" we press to automatically put on our "church faces" and act as if all is well and great with us. Instead of activating our "church button" he encourages us to be real with each other and let our guard down. My rather large church is also having a push/ campaign to encourage us to be warm and welcoming to all of our visitors. There are days when I can either be real, or I can be warm and welcoming. There are some days that the two simply don't coincide. Especially when the dog is sick and I unclog the shower before church.


Tammy M. said...

Those are the days that we 1) pray that the Lord does not put anyone in our path that needs to be welcomed with a warm welcome or 2)pray that when the heat is on and you see someone who needs a warm welcome and no one is seeing it but you - that the Holy Spirit takes over immediately, you are just there to be the vessell. From the best movie in the world, "Smile it increases your face value." or "fake it till you make it." Or just keep your head down and don't make eye contact with anyone...pick your poison.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious. . .I know just what you mean. . .I love it when someone says, "How are you today?" and you tell them, and they immediately get that look of panic like they wish they hadn't asked.

What I love even more is when someone asks, and you tell them, and they laugh or cry right along with you.

I can imagine that your very large dog getting violently ill made a violently large mess. EGADS!!!


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