Mr. Gatti's

I should be sweeping my floor, but instead I shall gripe about the ills of society. We have a Mr. Gatti's here that is enormous and the object of most children's birthday parties. Lots of television viewing and arcade-type games. Last night Troy was out of town so I scrounged enough coupons to only have to pay for myself to go. Of course it's a buffet. As I looked around while in there I realized that many of society's problems can be encompassed all in that one dining experience.

Now, before I go off on my tirade, keep in mind that I was there, the mere thought of the building makes my children immensely happy, and I don't question the spirituality, morality, hygiene, or anything else about the patrons OR employees of Mr. Gatti's.

That said -- look at us all. Here we all are in all shapes and sizes, some of us enormous like tend to frequent buffets, all eating enormous quantities of food while having our brains sucked out by the television. I was sitting in a room with probably 40-50 other people and a 10 foot television screen. Besides Sponge Bob's rant about his career choice at the Crusty Crab, not one word was being spoken in that room. A room full of families (again, my familly was one of them) and we couldn't bring ourselves to have any type of conversation so concerned were we with Sponge Bob's dilemma. Sad, sad. Then, we moved our quality fellowship to the game room where a) the music is so loud even if you could formulate a thought and get it out of your mouth no one would hear it and b) there's no such thing as a video game anymore -- most of them are Introduction to Gambling 101 so that Junior can rack up the tickets and 'purchase' a piece of junk with tickets. It just all makes me sad.

Okay -- that's all I can do on Gatti's. And then there's always the part of me that wishes I had thought of it first. It appears to be a money-manufacturing plant! Good idea. I guess it goes to my Wal-Mart deal. I just can't believe we not only stand for it, but pay through the nose for it at Gatti's!

Finally got to the pool today after on-again off-again summer rain showers yesterday and this morning. Trying to soak up all of the fun and leisure that I can!


Anonymous said...

And the pizza is lousy!!

Tammy M. said...

You have a "we don't go to walmart" motto, in our family mom has a "we don't go to gatti's"motto, for our birthday parties especially. Gatti's makes me crazy.

Amanda said...

You guys must have a different-styled Gatti's than we do up here.

There's one in KY where I grew up. There is (I think) only one big-screened TV, and very few arcade games. It's really not to bad. Now, Chuck E. Cheese, on the other hand.......

Sarah said...

Yes, Amanda, our Gatti's is very Chuck E. Cheese-ish in nature. I saw one blogger refer to Gatti's at the end of the school year as a scene from Lord of the Flies. It's just a nightmare. Tammy probably has a good thing going there by not taking her kids. I always knew she was smart.

Sarah said...

But, sadly, Denise, I actually like their pizza.

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