We Made It!

First week of job/school are under my belt! *whew* Job is going okay -- the first 3 days were training, then Thursday and Friday I got to actually try to accomplish some things, which only highlighted that I have no clue what I'm doing. Chalk it all up to "lesson learned", right?

Troy and I had 'date night' last night. Perhaps not the best night for that. I was ready to stare into space and/or sleep. We went to see a really cute movie, though. "Must Love Dogs" was REALLY good (Troy and I both enjoyed it) and made me REALLY thankful I don't have to endure the dating scene right now. Yikes. My favorite quote, again with some not-too-nice language, was when Elizabeth Perkins (playing Diane Lane's sister) was encouraging Diane Lane to "go for it" with one guy -- who happened to be the father of one of Diane Lane's pre-school students: "He's got a Ph.D. AND a great ass. Let's not get dragged down by ethics." The only thing that drives me NUTS about movies like that (and most TV shows) -- where are these people getting their money? Diane Lane lived in a PRECIOUS historical home that was thoroughly modernized and updated, and had the most fabulous Talbot's-ish type wardrobe -- and she's a divorced pre-school teacher and later it is revealed that her ex-husband is a fireman! Sadly enough, we all know that firemen are not made of money. Anyway, allow my materialism to shine through at this moment (and my envy of other people's STUFF) and say that drives me crazy.


Mike Cope has an interesting discussion launched on his blog (he usually does). Much of the comments are about Harding's policy of who can and who can't come speak, but Mike has some great comments about people (perhaps like myself) who are WAY too into politics:
Believe it or not, I know lots of people who can become apoplectic when
talking about Ann Coulter, Al Franken, Fox News, federal judges, and George
Bush—but who seem to yawn when talking about discipleship, materialism, justice,
and racism. They give time and money to their CAUSE (liberal or conservative);
but won’t share the good news of Jesus with the people they work with.

Cope's blog is always worth a read, and this one really has me interested. Read this post here.

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Tammy M. said...

Congratulations on a job well done!

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