For the Teachers

I have come across two blogs recently that speak to teachers. One from a principal and another from a retired teacher. They both are beautiful reading and I would encourage you to read both of them. Craig Fisher is a principal, I believe in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area. Judy Thomas is a retired teacher and taught me children's literature lots of years ago at ACU. If you are a teacher, I admit that it is that flowery "You change the world" type writing that you may have your fill of right now as school is starting.

To my teacher friends: You may have doubts that you are changing the world and you know for a fact that you are under-paid. But as Mom to two children enrolled in public school: You are changing the world for my child. You influence what s/he considers acceptable behavior toward his/her peers. You show him/her appropriate things that are funny. You help with hygiene. You listen to stories about my family -- hopefully doubting some of them. You are definitely changing the world, one child at a time.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the links to Judy (who I've known for years - beautiful woman inside and out!) and Craig! I'm enjoying reading from both of them!

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