Back-to-School Eve

Here we are. Like school was never out. This was one of those "non-weekend" weekends, which means not restful in the least, so off I'll go about 5:30 tomorrow morning on my distance-run through Monday.

Yesterday I welcomed 3 extra little girls into my home for the day and it was so much fun. Their daddy, Don D. Hood, is ACU's new track coach. So they stayed at our house while Don and Rachel looked for a house. Don was coaching in Temple when Troy and I were newlyweds and we all went to church together. I'm thrilled that they will be living in Abilene, but the sad reality is that we may see them 6 times a year. I hate when life gets in the way.

Phil had a GREAT sermon this morning on 'firstfruits' living. It spoke to me mainly about time. I mentioned to someone today that I have SOMETHING -- an article, a talk, a meditation -- about 'stewardship of time' brewing inside me. You can always make more money -- Dominoe's will always hire another driver -- but we all only get 24 hours in one day. Our stewardship of our time is every bit as critical, if not more so, as our stewardship of our physical resources.

Several families gathered after church today and blessed our children. It was a very brief blessing as our children are quite young, but it meant a lot to me and each of the parents there to see the support we all have. I spoke to the kids and told them that we all -- all 13 parents that were there -- are on their side, pulling for them, praying for them, cheering them on. It was a great time and I pray becomes an annual tradition for us.

I also met a lady at church today that has blessed me many times over. She's me, just having gone down a different path. She and I share passions and 'soapboxes' and mutual friends. It was one of those meetings that you know God has a hand in. I'm eager to see what God will do in our lives.

I must get back to my time with God. The firstfruits sermon spoke to me so strongly because I have simply not given God the firstfruits of my time and energy -- which leaves me frazzled and grumpy. I hate to even say it that way -- I don't want to give God a portion of my time, but I must give Him SOME of my UNDIVIDED, uninterrupted attention and time so that I may see Him and be aware of Him all of the rest of the time. I know that my loving Father has His hand in and around my family and by failing to acknowledge that I am failing to testify to His power in my life and family. I'm rambling -- but if you are inclined to speak a word of prayer for me and my family, please ask that I look to Him first and always and have precious time with Him.

The thunder is rumbling outside reminding me that this is the strangest August I can remember in the 18 years I have lived in Texas. I think the high today was about 85* -- maybe not even that. I met some young man who has come to ACU from Anchorage, Alaska. I told him we tried to be accomodating with the weather so that he wouldn't have a heat stroke! This evening the kids and I went for a short bike ride. It was interrupted by Riley hitting the street and peeling off about a pound of elbow skin. So I walked home -- a little more than half a mile -- rolling a bike on each arm, with Riley crying and whimpering behind me the whole way. As my friend Denise says, "No one does angst like Riley Stirman." It's good to be known for something, I guess.

It is 9:00 and all are in bed -- even Troy (because of the bad weather we have no satellite signal. Is your bill cheaper in the rainy season?) So I will go and hopefully we all will be rested for a big first day!

Praying that your day is full of blessings, as well!

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