A Heavy Heart

Trying to head-off excess Google-age, I shall be a little cryptic in this post.

Back in February, I made what I thought was a flippant prediction about a certain family of multiples and America's fascination with them, and how much longer they had for reality TV shelf-life. Unfortunately, recent developments in the family have apparently increased America's fascination with the family, but seem to spell disaster for the family itself.

My heart aches and breaks for the family as America's fascination with the disaster seems to fuel the gossip and speculation of what is or isn't happening and the best course of action for all.

I don't know the truth or what has gone on in those walls. I have tried to glue a broken marriage back together -- with only two children in the home and no reporters camped out on the front lawn. It is still the hardest mental/ emotional thing I have ever walked through and there were MANY, many times I wanted to walk away because it was simply too hard to keep walking the way I was going. The prayers of people around me were the only things that carried me through.

I would encourage you now, when you see a picture of the famous family of multiples on a cover of a tabloid to stop and surround them in prayer. We don't know the truth, but I can guarantee you they need our prayers.

This is a great thought about the subject.


dad said...

Well said, my love.

jerriann said...

Ah, Sarah, I agree, I feel for them.

And I love your dad's comment. I can feel the love. I'm calling my dad, I miss him.

Roxanne said...

I have thought of them all. I've never seen the show, but I think it's time to dim the lights and close the door for awhile.

not-so-deep Denise said...

Thanks for that - I will pray for the family every time

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