Pooling in the Low Places

Y'all, I am a slug. I don't mean I'm lazy, I mean I am having issues trying to figure out my health that have taken every last little droplet of my energy (and blood pressure, evidently) and left me in a puddle on the floor. A totally healthy, migraine-free puddle, mind you, but a slug, as well.

All is not yet right with my health. I am getting there! I am finding how not to get migraines and how not to have energy. When I find out how to not get migraines AND have energy, I will completely be in business. Unfortunately, it requires a wee bit of energy to think through this process and try to solve the situation, and I don't seem to have any. I told the Lord today that I know He is in it and He will either lead me to a solution or give me enough strength to do His tasks for me each day. That's all I can ask for now.

So, while my brain is slogging through life, I shall just point you to someone else's words that I am still pondering. Evidently my brain isn't in TOO awful condition because these words were spoken yesterday at church, I interpreted them into sign language while simultaneously making a mental note to self: "Ooooh, that is GOOD. Remember for later."

I tried to find if this was recorded on video and if it was it hasn't been posted on our website yet.

Our congregation supports a ministry that was started by a young man who grew up in our congregation, along with his wife and another couple, who feels called to minister to the homeless. Matt Wallace, and his wife, Nikki still work with Dry Bones Denver.

Yesterday during church we connected with Matt using Skype. Matt was explaining why he and Nikki feel called to work with homeless and said (I'm quoting the best my muddled brain can remember):

"Nikki and I believe that grace is like water: it flows down and runs in streams and pools in the low places. That's where we want to be: in the low places."

Again, I was interpreting, but I really wanted to stop and ponder on grace pooling in the 'low places'. Isn't that the truth? Isn't that where grace is needed most and found most often?

My recent prayers have been to look like Jesus more every day. First, let me flat-out confess that I doubt that anyone around me would be able to tell that about me. But this statement made me think about that prayer. Where did Jesus aspire to go? The low places. Where could Jesus be found when not with his Father? The low places. If I am to look like Jesus, where should I strive to spend my time?

May I seek out the grace that has pooled in the low places today.


Amanda Pittman said...

I wrote the quote down after he said it. A beautiful truth and beautifully stated. It reminded me so powerfully of Jesus spending his time in the "low" places. And it made me reconsider where I spend mine.

Anonymous said...

I wrote it down too. What a truth! "my grace is sufficient"

Tammy M. said...

I wish I could have been there on Sunday to hear Matt and Nikki speak on Skype.
I love my accupuncture, chinese herbs and nutrition information I get from Beverly. She is a wealth of knowledge for natural healing for your body. Western medicine heals the problem, Eastern heals the body is my experience. Both have a place and we are lucky in our little town to have a Christian woman who does accupuncture. Hope you feel better soon.

Linda said...

love the quote and totally relate to the interpreting and trying to reserve one brain cell to hold onto something I want to retain for later...

dad said...

This article makes my toes hurt! Good job. Very convicting.

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