Oh, What a Night!

Last night was one of those 'lasts' (or 'only' if you are talking about per-child) of elementary school for our family.

One of the elementary schools in our town sponsors an area-wide 5th grade track meet as a fund raiser for their PTO. And, y'all, they have to make a KILLIN' doing this. Not my point, but you may want to consider it.

I adore both of my elementary school's PE teachers. Precious people with a heart for kids. A women teaches K-2 and a man teaches 3-5, but they team up on much of their work and work together well. The man has a daughter Ashley's age and has coached her in basketball. He is soft-spoken, a gentle spirit, but he is COMPETITIVE!! And he REALLY likes to win the 5th grade track meet.

Riley ran in the 100 m dash. We know the kid is fast and he did great. Oh, for perspective. There were 20 schools or groups (a running group of homeschool kids participated) in the meet. There were about 18 HEATS (9 runners each) of the 100 m dash for first girls, then boys. I am too tired to do the math -- it's a LOT of kids. Riley qualified for the finals! (You qualify by time, not by how you place in the heat).

A very long day indeed after those 36 heats of 100 m dashes. Then many, many other races of 200m, then 400m. At the 800, Ashley and I went to pick up dinner and bring it back. We got back just as the 4x100 relays for girls were starting. Riley was in the boys' relay team. His relay team qualified for the finals in THAT, too.

Finals were scheduled to start at 7 p.m. They started at 8:45 p.m. Riley ran HARD in the 100m, but was the last finisher. Not by a long way, but the last across. We talked about it and decided that 9th place out of 20 schools isn't too shabby.

If you don't know track meets -- well, you should, 'cause they are SO much fun. but the 4x100 relay is ALWAYS the last, and the boys is always the last one. So that was the last final. Riley was in the 100 final and one of his teammates was in the 200 final -- won it BIG -- and THEN in the 400 final and didn't appear to give that much effort. I didn't expect the relay team to do too well by the time their 9:40 start time rolled around. Boy, was I wrong! It was a great race, and Riley's team came in 2nd and another of his elementary team came in 1st. What a night.

It was another time I was able to see my child using his gifts and it was SO fun, but I love track meets for the stragglers. I am a straggler and would be tempted to simply walk off the track. But those guys don't. They struggle and try and strive and the crowd cheers and encourages and nudges them on. Track meets are a great way to spend an afternoon. Go find one soon.

At the ever-lovin' blessed FINAL end of the meet, medals were given for the finalists that placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd on a little medal stand and everything. Being that there were still quite a few 5th grade girls around, there was a LOT of screaming that took place. After the medals were given out, the winner of the meet was announced. When it was announced that it was our little school, the kids (girls) SCREAMED and took off across the infield of the track...? Wha? Yes, they were heading to the other side of the track to go take a victory lap. Are you kidding me!

Then, coming around the track to where their sweet PE teacher was filming the madness, they started singing their school song. Cutest thing ever, and a memory that, even though it happened LONG after I like to be in my PJ's, I am SO thankful I saw.

Way to go, Raiders and most of all, Riley. So proud of you for giving it your all.


Roxanne said...

I remember track meets at NLU. . .and baseball games. . .and walking around a lumpy, bumpy, weed-laden track a time or two myself. :) So glad you had a blast, and WAY TO GO, RILEY.

dad said...

I'm glad you are treasuring these times, because they go by unbelievably fast.

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