Thursday Check-In

Y'all, I would love to stay and chat, but life is continuing down the crazy trail.

Fifth Grade Talent Show auditions? Check.

Finish article about faith and torture? Check.

Migraine every day this week? Check.

So I am off today -- more talent show practice, more interviews for another article, and, blessedly, a doctor's appointment. There is preventive medicine for migraines, and I am praying that I get started on it TODAY. I have operated at 50-75% capacity enough in the last month to know that I am not emotionally ready to admit that to be my lot in life.

Then, this afternoon is the long-awaited fifth grade track meet. Every elementary school in the district sends their 5th graders to a track meet so the school can claim bragging rights for the year. I think running is one of those things my willowy 11 year old will be gifted in. Pulling for him!

Oh, and remember I requested a lovely bake sale to cover after an article on torture which came after an article about child abusers? Yes, so next week is the completely stress-free topic of when couples from two different faiths marry. Wowzer. That should stretch me...

I enjoyed everyone's thoughts and comments about the torture debate. More than anything, no matter where you 'land' on it, I know you have thought it through. That is what has blessed me so much in my interviews. I will link to my article, which should be published in the paper tomorrow.

Everyone have a great Thursday!

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