Happy Mother's Day

This little project is specifically for my "earth-first" friend, Denise. Recycle your boxes, honor Mom. It just doesn't get any better than that.

Denise, while you're bein' all crafty-like, please whip us up some ice cream or coffee cup cozies. We could give them to Mom OR for Teacher Appreciation. Either one.

This is a sweet video that the AMAZING videographer-dude at our church put together (who also featured Baby Benton up there). I'm in here. And, more importantly, my hair is really cute. First, the guy is amazing because I simply tripped over my words and mumbled and muttered and he actually made me appear to be able to string two sentences together. That was nice. Also, it made me incredibly thankful for the godly women I call 'sister' in my congregation. My own mother is 500 miles away. I know how she would do much of this parenting business, but it is such a blessing to walk beside these women and watch them raise their children in the Lord. I LOVE what beautiful Valerie says in here: Having children keeps you close to the Lord since you are constantly in prayer for them. Amen!


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Roxanne said...

Your hair does, indeed, look cute. And YOU, my friend, look BEE-U-TEEFUL. Seriously beautiful. Love you.

dad said...

We used the Southern Hills moms video at our worship today, and it was very well received. Your guy did a really good job.
It was my turn to do the closing shepherd's blessing, and I used II Tim. 1:5 as a basis for talking about how at least two generations of Godly mothers had brought Timothy to be "my true son in the faith".
He could have been talking about YOU.

jerriann said...

You closed it beautifully and your hair looks fabulous. To know that your children are walking with the Lord is the best. Great post. Loved the Benton, so cute.

Warren Baldwin said...

Excellent video, very moving. You've given me a great idea for our congregation next year! I agree with Jerriann - your close was great.

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