Beginning of a Great Week

Oh, we are gearing up for end of school madness. In a fit of insanity, I reluctantly agreed to be in charge of the 5th Grade Talent Show at Riley's school. One very sweet empty-nester said, "Well, he'll never be this age again." To which I replied, "Yes, and I don't want to HATE one of the last activities he is in at elementary school, and I WILL by the time it gets here!" It's only 2 weeks out of my life. What else would I do, right?

Well, that is currently the question. I have mentioned here off and on that I have occasional migraines. In the last 8 weeks occasional has gone to regular to frequent. I am VERY blessed to have medication -- $10 per pill -- that effectively treats the pain of the migraine. I can be mostly pain-free within an hour, but it's the post-migraine "hangover" that kills me. I still haven't figured out if it's the medication or the migraine itself, but I lose at least the rest of the day, and frequently part of the next day being completely useless.

Unless you get them, I don't know how else to describe it besides limp dishrag syndrome! For an example: I'm not a TV watcher, and if I ever do sit to watch TV, I HAVE to have something else to do. Read a book, work on a crossword, paint my nails, whatever. I can't stand to sit idle in front of the flicking screen. Unless I am in post-migraine hangover, at which time keeping up with a flicking screen plot line is about all I can manage. I am completely void of energy. I can physically do the most important things -- I just can't think of what the most important thing is.

So the past few weeks I have been in migraine/ hangover/ realize all I didn't do during migraine/ hangover cycyle. It's not a great way to raise a family and not much of a way to live. Please don't hear me saying it's the worst thing ever. Oh, no, God keeps reminding me of MANY things that could be worse. But it is annoying. And expensive, at $10/pill.

I know that there are also medications that are migraine preventives -- a daily medication. One woman told me she quit taking them because they were $100/ month. I'm already spending $100/ month, and maybe I could prevent getting them. I don't know.

I'm also looking at external factors/ triggers I can control to eliminate -- chocolate (not much of a chocolate eater), caffeine (how sad would that be), aspartame (Diet Coke, even sadder), and many, many others. My head kind of hurts thinking about trying to figure it out!

So, that is my boring news, boring quest for this week: try to avoid getting a migraine. And that is why the blogging is becoming increasingly lame these days -- I can't think straight or I'm so busy catching up that I don't have time to write anything.

I'm still listening for the Lord, still appreciate teachers, and still have a rockin' family. Back tomorrow for more excitement!


Julie said...

Nooooo! Not the Diet Coke!

Anonymous said...

Aspartame is wicked. Praying for you, sweetie.

Amanda Sanders said...

Migraines are evil. I started having them when I hit my thirties. Never had a headache before them. Prayers for you.

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