Things you missed me blogging about:

Being asked when my baby was due. Um, not pregnant, but thanks.

Winning a $25 gas card from Meals on Wheels!

Refusing to participate in Swine Flu -- the panic OR the virus. Either one. I refuse.

Having some fun girlfriend time for the first time in a LONG time.

Hearing Sheila Walsh speak. Wow. Remind me to walk back through that. Amazing.

Ditching the DISH!

Amazing time to really listen to God. I finally did it! And that's why I took a bloggy break!

Starting an online Bible study.

And, this isn't much of a return. Sunday was BRUTAL -- 8 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. basically away from the house. Not much of a day of rest. Today starts Teacher Appreciation and return to deadlines and real life. Oh, I didn't want to participate in Swine flu, but I have grand plans for a Swine flu quarantine in case school is canceled for a week or so. I'm ready. I've got closets to clean out and cabinets to organize. Bring it on! Oink!

Wish I could make my return a little more exciting. Gotta pace myself. What about you? Any of you hearing from God lately?


Warren Baldwin said...

Sometimes "time away" is well spent on the trivial and mundane, kind of a "coming down." Hope you are refreshed!

Roxanne said...

Yes. . .the CDC has mandated that schools with verified cases of swine flu must be closed for TWO FULL WEEKS. . .thus two of the elementary schools in my district are out until May 18th. AND they don't have to make it up. I say WAHOO for them not having to make it up, and BOOHOO for the parents who have to find places for all those kiddies. . .some of whom are probably home alone since parents can't take off work or find childcare.

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