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Yeah, I took the weekend off -- didn't even record all the "Good Things Out There" that I came across last week. So sue me. OR feel free to tell me your vote for any "Good Things Out There" in the comments and I'll do one a day late (or next week -- or sometime)!

I have only (that I can remember) gone out on a limb with a prediction one time on the ol' bloggity... and it didn't quite end up like I thought...

But, since I don't mind being wrong on some things (just don't let me miss heaven!) I have a couple of predictions rolling around in my head to share with you guys. Feel free to agree, disagree, or debate. Whatever suits your fancy.

First, I think that America will take only one, POSSIBLY two, more seasons of Kate Gosselin verbally abusing Jon. The day of 'Jon and Kate Plus Eight' is in its sunset. I hope they are enjoying the new house, the appliance sponsorships, and the elaborate vacations that we get to hear her screech her way through. Obviously, it is watched at my house. Ashley is IN LOVE with all of the little guys and doesn't mind hearing Kate screech to watch them. She makes my teeth itch.

My next prediction I am fairly certain of (the first one I'm just HOPEFUL for!):

After a brief perusal through Target's junior section where shorts and swimsuits are out while I wear my fleece, I expect to see a LOT of hiney cheeks hanging out of shorts this summer. To which, I already say, "Ew. Put those things away...." I guess now that pants and shorts are being made higher so as to not expose hiney cracks, they had to be made shorter so that some portion of the hiney could be seen at all times. Bless.

What about you? Noticing a trend? What do you think is coming down the road? I would love to hear it!

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dad said...

From the geezer crowd: I HOPE I see a trend of less cleavage. Seems to be happening.
On the other end (pardon the pun), I agree with your observation of the increase of hiney-on-parade. I don't envy the job of parents of your kids' ages.

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