Book Review: Playing for Pizza

First, I seem to have gained a few new readers in an unlikely place: my statistics tell me that my blog has become popular with some of the Catholic schools in my hometown. So, St. Fred's and Jesus the Good Shepherd folks -- welcome to the Cleft of the Rock! Y'all! You are MY PEEPS! My parents live less than half a mile from Jesus the Good Shepherd, so you're on my walking route when I'm visiting. The campus looks AMAZING lately, by the way! And St. Fred's -- y'all were SO our rivals in high school, but it was all in fun, right? Go Warriors!

I suspect that many of you found my blog through my writing about teachers. If you teach at one of those schools, many blessings on you!

Now -- a book review!


A)It's about football. B) It's set in Italy (that was actually the fun part of it). C)Not mystery.

It is probably the least likely Grisham novel ever. I skimmed the football parts, but came to love the character (like most of Grisham's characters). I think Grisham must have traveled and/ or lived in Italy recently. This is the second novel of his I have read that is set in Italy. Can't remember the other. Truthfully, it is all so unfamiliar to me that it's hard for me to get into it. HOWEVER -- his description of the rich foods may cause weight gain!

I think it came in someone's stocking at Christmas. It was a fun, quick read. Easy on the brain and a nice paperback diversion.

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Kelly S said...

check this blog out...reallyplayingforpizza

I didnt want to put the whole thing on there so it wouldnt link...but met his other friend that he plays with and its pretty cool...he plays for Austria now, he played for Italy last year...he has an amazing blog!

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