First Grade Dialog

Subbing in PE this week -- jury duty for PE teacher. No, I don't know what trial. He won't tell us -- that's why I would want him on my jury if I were on trial.

I'm also being reminded why I don't work full time. End of year excitement/ concerts/ talent shows on top of this is a LOT for my migrained brain. Hence the lack of blogging. But I had to share this.

Today the kids got some time to 'be active' if they were finished with their muscle test. Two kids shooting baskets:

Boy: Hey, AnneMarie, do you like Boston Terriers?

Girl: (disgusted) I don't know! I don't even watch basketball!

Smile! Enjoy! Have a great Thursday!


jerriann said...

lol, thanks for the smile. Loved it!

Roxanne said...

AnneMarie and I could SO TOTALLY be BFF's.

Sprinkly Sunkiss said...

HAHA okay I work with Kinder and first graders daily, and I just gotta say you NEVER know what will come out of those little mouths!!!

This happened today

(both 1st graders)
Girl: Miss Shayla I want to get that hair paint for my hair at the first grade cookout tomorrow!

Boy(before I had time to answer): DONT DO IT!!! There is bacteria in the hair spray and that can cause swine flu, and then you could get pnemonia and die!

kids these day...sheeesh!!

In Christ,

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