Going Viral!

As I have shown time and time and time again, we have some creative geniuses (geni?) at the church where I worship.I thought I had posted this one here, but I evidently have not. And, since it has 'gone viral' (that's evidently a good thing on youtube -- who knew?), you have probably received it in your inbox at some point in time.

Well, the super-cool thing is that the story behind it is 'going viral', as well! Woo-hoo! Some big-wig NBC guys were out here this week, and this is the result of THAT:

Preacher Phil did marvel a bit that they call our 1,800 member church 'small'. Me, too. It's not small to me! I think that it is very cool how God is using these guys, all of them.

And, if you didn't know, Rob -- the guy using the stethoscope, but not interviewed here -- is husband to my friend Tammy from Coffee Group. He's our drama dude at church -- you can see why! I love what Stephen (our communications/ video guy) said about Jesus using parables, and this is just a parable on video.



Cool history of the video. I saw it a month or so ago and posted it on my blog. Glad it's taken off and done well. Cool story!

Lisa Laree said...

Very cool!!!

stephanie said...

Technology rocks :)

Michelle said...

Hubby got this in an email from a distant cousin a few weeks ago. He yelled, HEY! Come here! That's Rob! Yep, it was. Then he said, well, he's finally a famous actor! :)

Roxanne said...

I think that is awesome!!!!!!!! I love that not only did they show your ministers and the building, but also ACU.

Roxanne said...

Your Nike gal just waved at me. She was saying, "You were going to bed 7 minutes ago. . .GO ALREADY."

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