Snoozed and Lost

This morning, I read a really great scripture that I wanted to share with you. But it's carpool week. And today is Ashley's birthday (which means I am the mother of a teenager!!!) so of course I had to take her a lunch to school. Oh, and buy a card because I always forget that her birthday comes RIGHT after everyone goes back to school. And I volunteer at Riley's school on Wednesday afternoons. Then there was a haircut, birthday dinner, church, more birthday celebration, and here I am. I have no idea what the scripture was, but I'm sure it would have rocked your socks off.

Anne signed up for this. As always, I'm 3 days late and several dollars short, but I think I shall participate. I think you should, too.

As mentioned, I am the mother of a teenager. I wasn't prepared for how old that makes me feel! And as Chondra Pierce says, "That means that now, I'm an idiot." I'm totally used to that.

And, since you aren't on facebook, I have to tell you the great elephant mystery of Abilene. Yesterday, driving through the middle of town, I saw the strangest thing. So this was my facebook status:
"Sarah is very sad I didn't have the camera phone ready when the truck carrying the ginormous elephant statue on a trailer drove by."

Very funny. Then, this morning, another facebook friend said:
"I saw the ginormous elephant statue this morning on the way to work and I didn't have my camera with me either! Yes, it was on a trailer being pulled behind a white truck! Where is the elephant going??"

Weird... there is an elephant statue cruising the streets of Abilene. Surely it has a destination...

THEN, this afternoon, Amy posted:
"OK, I'm totally 100% not making this up.... just driving home from HEB and cruising over the overpass at 83/84 was the truck carrying the elephant statue on a trailer!!!!! WHAT THE HECK!!!????"

What the heck, indeed? I mean, this statue is truly a little bit larger than any baby elephants I have seen. It's a little big to be selling door-to-door, you know?

So my status tonight is:
"Sarah needs the next person in Abilene to spot the elephant statue on the trailer to stop the driver and ask him why he is cruising town with it?"

And Val said that he saw an elephant statue yesterday, too -- but not on a trailer, it was in a truck. (Cue eery music) Are there two? Are the elephants stampeding via motorized vehicles? (and one at a time because they're low on gas money?)

In short, what is the DEAL with the elephants, people???

Since we may NEVER know, make up your best story about why a man is pulling a trailer with an almost-life-size elephant statue on it around Abilene, evidently for DAYS??? What do you think could possibly be the reason?


Kelly Sessions said...

sarah they have that HUGE statuary store on the side of 1-35 on the way to Austin. They sell life size horse cement sculptures, gorillas the size of a house and I saw Elephants there too...its one of the biggest statue can buy them and put them in your yard....maybe thats what they were for??haha

Roxanne said...

I think that it's Abilene's attempt at the whole "cow art" thing--you know--the big, colorful cows that all of the artists did that became so popular? Houston does that for the rodeo, but they do boots. So, since boots and cows were taken, then elephants were the next LOGICAL choice for a west Texas town.

Paula said...

I think these are the only elephants they could convince to live at the Abilene Zoo.

dad said...

The driver lost a bet, and now he has to tow an elephant around until the Cowboys win.

Kelly Sessions said...

Oh, I remembered a good song/group I wanted to tell you about Pillar; "For the Love of the Game"

Its a great song to get you pumped up plus they are a really good rock christian group! ENJOY!

Melene said...

I saw that same Elephant on my way to Bible Study at church yesterday!

Happy Birthday to your new teenager! I'll be joining your same club on April 10th of this year!

Michelle said...

Oh my goodness! This is hilarious! Please keep us posted if you find out about the elephants.
And all I can say about mother of teenager is bless you and good luck. Our family's not faring so well in that endeavor.

Susan said...

Several years ago in Chicago they had a "cow parade" where people/companies dressed or decorated up statues of cows. It was a fun and big deal. Maybe the elephants will be for an "elephant parade" in downtown Abilene!?

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