Good Things Out There

  • Well, I have to start with Carrie for being a Good Thing Out There, because I have FINALLY been able to make the button the way I wanted for this, thanks to her amazing tutorial! Carrie, you're totally a good thing! Thanks!
  • Antique Mommy has great perspective on all the stuff we just got for our kids for Christmas.
  • And thanks to Vann for pointing out this video. This hurts my heart (okay, maybe warms my heart) on so many levels. Precious, precious:

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Kelly Sessions said...

Sarah, I know I comment and so many of your blogs but I HAD to comment on this one tonight! I LOVE ELEPHANTS...i've loved them for pretty much as long as I can rembmer not sure why but this totally made me cry!! Priceless! I read "When Elephants Weep" once it was a hard read but so very good...talked about the controversy over whether or not animals have totally made me think of that book when watching this video! THANK YOU!

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