An Atheist on Evangelism

Saw this yesterday on another blog. I have been completely haunted by it. This is Penn, of Penn and Teller, a professed atheist (confirmed atheist? devout atheist? don't know what you call it). He makes a point about evangelism that is the best, most succint reason/ explanation for evangelism I have EVER heard. If you don't have time for the back-story (which is patently un-fascinating) you can skip to 3 minutes in to hear it. The other thing that really struck me is how many times he had to qualify this ONE Christian that he met as 'sane' -- probably said it 5 times. Which leads me to believe that the only other people who have approached this atheist to evangelize, witness, what-have-you, could possibly fall into the 'insane' category.


Anonymous said...

I think we could all learn a lesson from this. The old adage that "you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar", is a trait that Jesus displayed openly and often in His dealings with all unbelievers. While always being honest about who a person was, He made them feel comfortable or maybe not persecuted in His presence. that a word....even if not I do pray that we all adapt it as our daily attitude.

Roxanne said...

Powerful. I find it interesting that he said he "knows" there is no God, but I have no doubt that God was present through His Spirit in that man as he handed part of God's word to an atheist. Great post, and I'm so glad that he posted his thoughts.

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