Just a precious few minutes before I try to get ready for tomorrow.

So, I mentioned -- man, maybe a year ago -- that I see the day of the blog waning. Now more than ever. Maybe it's just among folks I know, but it seems blogging has gone one of two directions: folks who are really good at it and are faithful have a ginormous readership and continue to blog and even make a few bucks at it. The other 4 bajillion of us have developed an enormous network of folks we need to keep up with, so far-reaching is the internet, so we have resorted to 140-character soundbites on Twitter and Facebook. Maybe it's just me.

Today, in driving all over creation trying to get a clarinet repaired (which still isn't), Ashley and I were figuring how long we had to save up for a better clarinet before high school. 18 months!!! 18 months until my little punkin' curly-haired toddler gets thrown to the wolves in high school! That completely freaked me out and I'm still not over it.

We had a terribly busy weekend with Riley's spelling bee and Ashley's basketball tournament. No one came out all the way on top of the event, but I was reminded yet again what a joy it is to watch my children use their gifts. So very fun.

And the Super Bowl? Yes, went to a party, where we all learned again that the commercials aren't family friendly. That is so annoying. Loved seeing Bruce Springsteen who looks amazing. Kudos to his plastic surgeon.

Is anyone still thinking about any of their New Year's Resolutions? I guess I have 3 total. The main two are:
-- be in God's word EVERY day and
-- write at least 100 words EVERY day (now I've altered it to be towards 1 particular project).

I am very happy to report that I am doing very well at those two things. I guess that means I've written over 3,200 words this year! (Okay, I have to confess that I read that Stephen King doesn't call it a full work day until he's written 2,000 -- but I'm not quite there yet!) I also have to confess that I did miss one day of being in God's word, but I won't let that stop me. And I literally would have gotten out of bed to do it, but I realized at midnight after a ridiculously busy day that I slept too late to start my day with it. I'm letting that be okay and a reminder of God's grace that I could start over on January 24! And I did...!

Anyone else still have a resolution going?


mindy said...

so glad you're writing! you're make me laugh and think in just about every post. sometimes i read stuff out loud to keith...the other day he said, "man, she's funny!" can't wait to hear more about that one particular project:)

dad said...

Yeah, I'm keeping up with my resolution to get my eating under control. I have managed to gain about 3 pounds so far this year. That counts as "under control", doesn't it?

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