What to do?

I have a headache. It's not CRIPPLING, but it's not pleasant, either. (If you are experiencing a pleasant headache, you may have bigger problems than your headache). I haven't exercised yet and would like to, as soon as I can shake this headache. I need to do some writing, but thinking for the right word kind of hurts, too.

Short of lying inert waiting for medicine to work (which takes way longer than doing something ELSE while waiting for the medicine to work) what should one do while waiting for a headache to go away?

What would you do?


dad said...

If I am in an appropriate place, I take my med of choice and position myself to be able to sleep - in the car, at home, whatever. Usually the headache and the meds combine to allow me to sleep for maybe 20 minutes, at which time I usually feel much better.

If that doesn't work for you, try putting a source of heat (heating pad, hot wash cloth, etc) on the affected part of your head. That dilates the blood vessels and helps a lot (unless of course it's a migraine).

Prayer helps, too. The physical/mental exercise of prayer not only puts you in touch with the Source of all Healing, but its calming effect will help the physical symptoms.

Ruth said...

Girl, I am in the same situation this morning. If you come up with something good let me know!

Scott F said...

You could try stomping on your toe. You might not notice the mild headache anymore! Glad I could help.

Roxanne said...

Okay. . .I was gonna say watch a favorite movie--but, as always, your dad's advice sounds good to me.

Tammy M. said...

Rest, pray, enjoy the silence with your eyes closed.

stephanie said...

Hot shower or bath, preferably with lavender oil. That is all.

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